A Health Blog by LindaCassel.com

The Overview

Linda Cassel is a fictional doctor who loves writing blogs in her free time.

In this blog, LindaCassel.com, Linda shares her knowledge as a person who works in healthcare and conducts discussions with her patients, colleagues, and fellow doctors.

The Tools

This design is created with Figma.

The images were taken from Pexels (via Figma plugin) and the icons were taken from Flaticon.

The blog post was created using ChatGPT. The content should not be taken as a medical reference.

The Process

1. Research

I looked up many editorial websites and personal portfolios. I wanted it to look like a blog with vast content, however, I didn’t want to make it look less personal. I combined both of these ideas.

2. Wireframe and Design

Then, from the information I have gathered, I sketched the wireframe.

online class wireframe

Fonts and Colors

The fonts I used are Lora (for the headings) and Open Sans (for the body texts and labels). The fonts were chosen to give a formal mood, yet approachable and modern.

The primary color is cerulean blue and the accent is cream yellow. Blue is chosen for its meaning of trust, calm, and soothing, which resembles health topics.

The Outcome